You made Jacob ride in the heights of the earth.
(Deuteronomy 32:13) - Praise You Lord

Lord, You live forever.
(Deuteronomy 32:40) - Praise You Lord

The Lord who came from Sinai!
(Deuteronomy 33:2) - Praise You Lord

The Lord who dawned on us from Seir!
(Deuteronomy 33:2) - Praise You Lord

The Lord who shone forth from Mount Paran!
(Deuteronomy 33:2) - Praise You Lord

Lord from Your right hand came a fiery law
(Deuteronomy 33:2) - Praise You Lord

Lord You are the shield of my help
(Deuteronomy 33:29) - Praise You Lord

Lord You are the sword of my majesty
(Deuteronomy 33:29) - Praise You Lord

Lord who magnified Joshua in the sight of all Israel!
(Joshua 4:14) - Praise You Lord

Lord who rolled away the reproach of Egypt from the Israelites, in Gilgal!
(Joshua 5:9) - Praise You Lord

Share your Testimony

Muniyamma, Ilampuvanam, 2007

I was practicing sorcery and considered as a great power in my village. After 12 years of this type of life I was disturbed by the same spirit (evil angel spirit) which I honored. It wanted to kill me and gave me a lot of problems. I heard about Sis. Janet Shanti’s Divine Healing Prayer meetings and attended one in Kovilpatti. The spirit departed and I am baptized and leading a good Christian life. Since then sister has named me Esther. I thank Jesus for this great deliverance.

T.Krishnammal, Kathiresan hill, Kovilpaati, 2011

For more than two years I was suffering from cancer in uterus. I couldn’t eat nor sleep and doctors declared that I would live only for another 10 days or so. In a hopeless condition, I was taken to Sis. Janet Shanti’s Divine Healing Prayer meeting held at Kovilpatti. She prayed over me and I was completely healed of my cancer. Now I am eating well and sleeping well. I have neither pain nor any symptoms of cancer till today. I thank Jesus for the relief He has given to me.

Chelladurai, Kovilpatti, 2008

I was suffering from mental illness for many years. Then I was very young about 20 years. Neither the doctors nor my parents have a ray of hope about my life. At times I used to run on the roads blocking the traffic and start beating the people there. Nobody could control me and hence I was also chained for days. My mother took me to Sis. Janet Shanti’s meeting with tears and great expectations. Sister prayed with compassion and burden. On the same day, while I was sleeping someone (Jesus Christ) touched me and I was completely healed. Now I am married and I thank my Master Jesus Christ who gave deliverance to me and a new life.

Esther (Chakkammal), Thothukoodi, 2008

For more than 5 years, I have been attacked and overcome by an evil angel. Ultimately, oneday it killed me and I was in a dead condition for about two and half hours. Sis. Janet Shanti prayed over me and life came into me. Also God brought my separated husband and the children. We all joined together and living peacefully now. God gave me a house also and has blessed me a lot through this ministry. I thank Lord Jesus beyond measure. It is because of Him only I live today.

Alaggammal, Kovilpatti, 2012

I lost my eyesight for the last years. I came to Sis. Janet Shanti and attended her meeting. While she laid her hand on my eyes, a great light passed into both of my eyes. I got clear vision right at that time. I thank my Master who gave light to my eyes.

Koilammal, Tirunelveli, 2011

I was suffering from breast cancer and doctors told negatively, expressing hopelessness. Then I attended Sis. Janet Shanti’s meeting in Kovilpatti. As she touched my breasts and prayed, a power entered into my body and I was healed completely. We pay rich tribute to the sister and as a gratitude to God we submit our thanksgiving offering to the ministry. All praise and glory to Jesus.

Kamala, Kovilpatti, 2010

I am aged 65 years and associated with this ministry for more than 10 years. I fell down one afternoon and my head was badly hit. I immediately became unconscious. Doctors confirmed blood oozing in brain. Since there was no hope for recovery I was sent back from the hospital. I was in coma stage and gradually stepping out of life. My death news was informed to my relatives and everybody came. While I was surrounded by my relatives, Sis. Janet Shanti came to see me and she sent everyone out and prayed over me. Life came into me. I thank Lord Jesus who gave me a new life and the sister who prayed for my survival.

Padma, Kovilpatti , 2011

I was suffering from a terrible snake spirit, and I died. I felt a great darkness covering me while the life was taken away from me. For about 4 hours I was in dead condition. I was prayed over by Sis. Janet Shanti. Life came into me. Now I am married and have two children. I am always thankful to Jesus Christ who gave life to me and also to the sister who prayed for my revival.

Angel, 2007

My two and half year old child was mentally retarded, couldn’t walk and speak properly. I brought her to Sis. Janet Shanti in tears. Sister also prayed with a great burden because she knew me from my youth. She prophesied complete healing over my child which is unimaginable. From that very day I kept in touch with sister for prayer so that my child would become normal. The same child who has been reported as ‘no hope’ by super specialists is now going to school with adequate mental ability and reasoning. I cannot express my joy and gratitude to my Master Jesus Christ. I also thank Sis. Janet Shanti who shared our burden and prayed for the healing of my child.

Selvam, Bharathinagar, Kovilpatti, 2012

Due to witchcraft, I was completely bedridden. I lost the ability to walk also. Both legs were not even, one shorter than the other. I attended Sis. Janet Shanti’s meeting. When she touched my legs and prayed, both the legs became even and normal in seconds. Now I am able to walk properly. In one of her meetings I got anointed by the Holy Spirit and I am also baptized. I thank Jesus Christ for the supernatural healing.

Jennifer, Madurai, March 2013

When I got married to my husband I was happy with him only for a short time because of soul attachment of my husband with another lady. My life became horrible. We were separated and I attended Sis. Janet Shanti’s meeting. I cried a lot to sister when she revealed my horrible life. She also prayed for me with a great burden. God supernaturally saved my husband from the clutches of that evil woman, and brought him back to me. As a gesture of gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ for the wonder He did we both together offered my mangal suthra for the ministry as thanks offering.

Vijayan, Keelaeral, 29th March 2013

From my childhood I was a chronic drunkard. I cannot live without drinking alcohol. On the day in which I attended Sis. Janet Shanti meeting, a big serpent directly spoke to me that it is departing from my life on that day. When I attended Sis. Janet Shanti meeting on the same day a great light fell on me and some stone like pressure in my soul departed once for all. I wanted to live as a testimony for my Master Jesus.

Mrs. Sasikala Abraham, Alamkulam, 2012

My husband was jailed by a prostitution group in Bombay and was used by them for their evil activities. I had a horrible life out there. We attended Sis. Janet Shanti meeting. By and then he used to run to Bombay back to the same old dirty life. When Sis. Janet Shanti prayed for sending angels, supernaturally my husband was brought back from that vulgar group by some supernatural power. Now he is baptized and we are living together happily.

Kasthurirajan, Kathiresan hill, Kovilpatti, 2010

I was a drug addict and I was delivered in Sis. Janet Shanti meeting. I thank God for this new life He has given me.

Mosae, Puthugramam, Kovilpatti, 2010

I was affected by an evil angel which had a bodily relationship with me as a wife for more than 13 years. I was taken to Sis. Janet Shanti meeting, I vomited in mnay different colors. Mohini along with many other spirits departed from my body. Now I am married and have two children. Glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Esther, karaikudi, Feb 2013

My two kidneys were completely affected and I was in a hopeless condition. Death was pronounced by doctors, but God gave me life when I attended Sis. Janet Shanti meeting in Kovilpatti. Many thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Soundararajan, Vallioor, Feb 2013

I am doing real estate and construction business in Vallioor. Our family got introduced to Sis. Janet Shanti, The Amazing Grace Ministries about 5 years. Back then she had come to our native place for a convention at the CSI church there. I was suffering very much financially at that time. In spite of difficulties, I used to contribute, even at time of my lack, substantially by way of offerings. As I grew very much in my spiritual stature, I began to support the ministry in various ways and became very intimate with the ministerial activities. In all these days God has blessed my family and business beyond measure. As prophesied by Sis. Janet Shanti, I grew prosperous building my own house and buying a new car, much beyond our expectation. All praise to our God, Jesus Christ

My two kidneys were completely affected and I was in a hopeless condition. Death was pronounced by doctors, but God gave me life when I attended Sis. Janet Shanti meeting in Kovilpatti. Many thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ