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The Amazing Grace Ministries (TAG) is a service-based ministerial (Christ-centered) organization that found its roots back in the Year 1990, when Prophetess. J. Janet Shanti went through a phase of grave illness that led her to be more intimate with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sis. J. Janet Shanti, born on October 29, 1962 in a small village known as Panagudi in the uttermost south of Tamilnadu, hails from a rich business catholic background. She was a victim in that she lost her mother to uterus cancer, in the year 1966. She was married to a rich businessman, Mr. Joseph Selvarathnam, in the year 1982, also from the uttermost south of Tamilnadu, who hailed from a rich business catholic background. As it is, life was lived in a very normal and happy manner. She is blessed with a son, Alex Joseph, born in the year 1983. When all was well with her, living the days of her prime, she left the riches, family relationships and everything for the sake of God's ministry. This is because she placed the precious call of the Lord Jesus Christ above all these, and subsequently both she and her husband were dispelled from the family and business.

During the initial years after starting this ministry and even until now, Sis. J. Janet Shanti and her husband, Mr. S.M. Joseph Selvarathnam, have undergone several hardships, as we could see in the Holy Scriptures how Job had lost all his wealth, riches and children, but still kept faith in God. And yes, we could see that God restored everything back to Job twice as much blessings of all that he had lost before. Likewise, in the lives of Sis. J. Janet Shanti and her husband too, God was faithful in that although the challenges thrown by Satan and people around were very high, God was faithful and by His amazing grace saved the lives of Sis. J. Janet Shanti, her husband and son. Therefore the ministry is given the name "The Amazing Grace Ministries".

During the period between the years 1991 to 1995, Sis. J. Janet Shanti went through a sequence of illnesses that met her with tumor in the ovary that was surrounded before and after with two times of ectopic pregnancy. During this time, her intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ grew through bible reading and prayer. During those times of ectopic pregnancies and tumor in the ovary, she was bed-ridden and was met with grave illness. It was at this time that she knelt down and prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ, who hears the prayer of His saints, heard her prayer and showed Him to her. "What a joy to see Him!" she exclaims. During her prayer time in those days, the Lord Jesus Christ promised to heal her of all her ill conditions and restore her health back. Satan, as cunning and a deceiver as he is, was determined to distract the healing process and ultimately the will of God, by saying "I too can heal you". But the love and the truth that God had planted in her heart led her to obey the voice of the Master, Lord Jesus Christ that led to her healing. Also, during this time, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared several times to her, with so much of love and arms wide open He called her to His precious ministry. She asked Him "Who then Lord will take care of my husband and son?" He replied, "I will take care of them, you do my ministry!" And she surrendered her life fully to the Lord and never looked back.

Then, as per the will of God, she started to serve the Lord. From the humble beginnings in 1995, when she started to do what the Lord Jesus Christ did during his days on the earth, healing the sick and broken-hearted and casting out demons and unclean spirits, raising the dead, and instances in which limbs have grown in people's hands and legs. Although she found grace in the sight of God, in that she could deliver people out of their bondages, hereditary curses and physical infirmities, she never thought to do anything out of her flesh, or to do any kind of ministry on a larger scale, leaving it to God, who is exceedingly able and faithful to fulfill His will in her life.

During the period of 20 years from 1991 to 2011, she has met with various kinds of troubles, tribulations, sufferings and needs. In all these, she has kept her faith strong in the Lord Jesus Christ, refusing to let the will and the call of the Lord slip through in her life, according to the verse, Romans 8:35 that says, "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?" And the gracious hand of our Lord was with her. And, the Lord Jesus Christ started to bless her in the ministry and met all her financial needs that include the educational needs of her son as well. In the year 2011, she found a suitable life-partner for her son, Preethi Valentina. For conducting the marriage of her son, she kept her complete faith in the Lord, and the Lord met all the financial needs in an exceedingly abundant manner more than she has asked or thought of.

This ministry has its headquarters in Kovilpatti (Tamilnadu) in India. The ministry also has its active base in various places in India such as Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Vellore.

As years rolled on, and her husband having been shaped by the grace of God into a prophetic bible teacher, she is now used by God as His instrument for noble purposes in a triangular way:

  • » Through prophetic songs that come from heaven. Sis. J. Janet Shanti is anointed with a very special prophetic singing, the songs for which the lyrics and tune are derived from various heavenly experiences, although she has gained no musical knowledge on her own

  • » Through prophetic messages and sermons

  • »Through supernatural miracles, healing and deliverances

  •       The Trustees of this ministerial organization are Mr. S. M. Joseph Selvarathnam, Mr. Alex Joseph, Mrs. Preethi Valentina.

Through prophetic songs that come from heaven. Sis. J. Janet Shanti is anointed with a very special prophetic singing...

Sis. J. Janet Shanti

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